Ice Sculpture handcrafts distinctive and beautifully detailed sculptures from ice, fruits, vegetables, butter, cheese, chocolate and other products, both edible and otherwise.  We offer a vast catalog of these products; moreover, we can produce sculptures designed to the client’s unique specifications.  Ice Sculpture is thoroughly committed to serving and working with all clients, large and small, to achieve gratifying  results and provide good value.  We take pride in our originality, creativity and quality, and strive to lead the industry on trends and style.  Whatever the event, your guests will be quick to  notice and admire our carvings and displays.  For more sample works email us

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picture large Ice Sculpture

Large Ice Sculptures
Impress your clients with a one of a kind large ice display.  Excellent for advertising, press and media coverage, as well as brand name recognition.  Click the link under the picture for larger images!. Ice sculptures are generally associated with special or extravagant events because of their limited lifetime.

picture Ice Tablecenterpieces

Table Centerpieces
Small table centerpieces make unusual and beautiful table centerpieces. Each table can have its own sculpture! Ice sculpture centerpieces are great conversation starters. A globe can contain a custom item such as a flower or a piece of jewelry. An ice sculpted lantern centerpiece can contain candles, the light from which shines through the ice for ambiance like nothing else!

picture Holiday Ice Sculpture

Whether it is Easter, Christmas, Hanukah, or even President's Day; holidays are meant to be looked forward to.  While many of our counterparts seek the day off, Ice Carvers Choice labors to create special works of ice to enhance the festive atmosphere of any holiday event.  If you are considering ordering a sculpture for a December party, remember to order early because it is a very busy time for ice sculptors.  We can make anything to your specifications.

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